Client Services

Once you have chosen the domain and the eUniversul advisor, use its services using one of the methods that offers you:

Phone Counseling:

If you want to request a counselor by phone, you must first dial the main shoulder displayed on the site +1 (202) .773.4624, after which you will type the inside of the counselor with whom you want counseling.

To remember:

Because the call is made directly through our telephone system, the displayed price is the actual price you will pay without being charged extra for other hidden charges.
When your requested advisor answers the phone, then you will be charged at / min, depending on the prices for the services displayed.

To initiate the call, you must have a minimum amount ($ 5) charged to your eUniversul virtual account.

The prices are displayed in the US currency “$”, but will be settled in the national currency of the country from which you apply to the course practiced by mobile operators for online transactions PayPal on the day of the transaction.

To upload your account, you will find additional details in the personal menu “My account” of each eUniversul client

In addition to each eUniversul counselor, you will find this method of socialization as the second option you can use, talking to our specialists, to explain to them the problems you face every day and how they want to advise you. You will find this achievement in your client account.

This option is completely free

To remember:

It should be noted that free chat is not for proper counseling and only for socializing to get to know the counselor you want to work with better.

In addition to each eUniversul counselor, you will find this method of private counseling, the second after telephone counseling and the last option you can use. From here, you can start an email counseling session by clicking on “Email Counseling”.

At the beginning of the session, the application will open where you will have all the completion instructions. Keep in mind that each step you take will be accompanied by instructions so you can use this method as relaxed and as simple as possible.

The counselor will receive your request and will respond by making a price offer and sometimes requesting additional details. The price of the counselor will depend on the work that you request and it is up to him to determine the amount of the price offer.

When you receive a price offer, you can decline the price requested by the counselor, but you will have to write to the counselor the reason for the refusal, if it is the case to launch a new offer.

If you agree with the price you respond favorably and send your counselor’s acceptance through the e-mail counseling system that you have at your disposal separately from the Messaging section of your eUniversul membership account.

The counselor will perform the work you will receive within 48 hours of payment.

To remember:

For each answer you will receive or you will give in your dialogue with the counselor you will receive notification via the personal email address specified at the registration.

For the email counseling process, there is a special section in the “My Account” menu called “Email Counseling”, where you will receive all the counselor’s answers, including the final paper requested.

Prices are displayed in US $, but will be settled in the national currency of the country where you reside at the exchange rate paid to PayPal on the day of the transaction for uploading the eUniversul member account.

To load your account, you will find additional details in the “My Account” personal menu of each eUniversum member at the “Account Feed . Buy credits

After logging in, you will be automatically directed to “My Account” where you will be able to manage and use the information related to your entire activity on this site as an eUniversul member, namely:

* You’ll find information about “Email Counseling” and “Discussion Archive” for your counselors.

* You can evaluate and call your favorite advisor directly from your account page or site interface

* You will be able to finance your current eUniversul account through the “Buy Credits” section using the specific means we offer you along with the steps you need to follow for each eUniversul upload method.

* In the “Invoices and Transactions” section you will be able to view, print or delete your payment bills, and you will be able to track the “Details of Payments” history for the advice you have benefited or will benefit from.

* By “Account Settings” you can check, manage and modify your personal data, phone and password.

* The “Messaging” chapter will create the ability to communicate with the site administrator and your favorite counselor on complaints, information and promotions, etc.

For any further details, please visit the “Frequently Asked Questions” section.

For notifications and to report possible irregularities, contact an administrator via the messages available in the Contact – Send Messages section.

Thank you for calling!