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Erotic Astrology

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Erotic Astrology

How appropriate is the love affair?  In what sign were you born? Are you a good lover? Apparently unrelated, the answer to the two questions proves otherwise. Of course, the passion, romance or lust for secret sexual pleasures are influenced by the sign in which you were born

How can we interpret a person’s sexual nature using their natal chart? Because sexuality is complex, there isn’t a simple formula for determining an individual’s sexual preferences, fantasies, and styles of sexual expression. Although instinct certainly plays a role, human sexuality is made complex by our intelligence and the role of society, as sexuality is primarily a social behavior. Reproduction is certainly a function of our sexuality, but humans do not engage in sexual behavior to reproduce alone.

Sexuality is a strong motivator and is part of our identities, we can say for sure that all our planets and points have something to do with our sexuality in some way. Our experts in erotic astrology can answer all your questions and give you useful advice in your orientation on the sentimental and intimate side.

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