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Indian Astrology

Indian astrology provides Vedic Hindu astrological birth charts, compatibility charts in Love, daily, monthly, or annual reading of the horoscope based on the sign of the moon by the Indian Vedic astrologer. Call now by phone and get in touch for 10 Free Minutes with an Indian Astrologer, and you will receive the answers you want!

Indian Astrology

Free 10-minute astrological counsleing on the phone that offers solutions to all your problems. Talk to expert astrologers and get rid of worries.

Astrology remains an important facet of folk belief in the contemporary lives of many Hindus. In Hindu culture, newborns are traditionally named based on their jyotiṣa charts (Kundali), and astrological concepts are pervasive in the organization of the calendar and holidays, and in making major decisions such as those about marriage, opening a new business, or moving into a new home.

The architecture of any place according to the traditional Hindu system is called Vastu Shastra. This Vastu Shastra is effective based on its relationship with the science of building any structure to ensure that peace and harmonious benefits continue to flow into the property. Contact an expert astrologer to get the best Vastu tips for a happy life.

People say there is no safe path to happiness. Happiness lies inside each person and you can’t search for it outside. However, some people are happy and positive while some people are sad and negative. The reason can stay in your Kundli which provides insight into the life of any native, but it can also be because of the way your home or work is built.

Sometimes a Kundli has very good yogas like Raj Yog or Gaj Kesari Yog or Panch Mahapurush Yog and favourable Dasha also running but the native does not get the results for it. They continue to do hard work but the results do not show. Or if they get results at work, their mind is not stable or happy at home. Then the reason can lie in some Vastu defect at their home or work place. In this case they can take guidance from a Vastu expert.

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