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Chakra Readings

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Chakra reading is nothing new, but it is definitely having a resurgence of popularity. What exactly is it? We tried it to find out.

Chakras are energy centers found at various point throughout our physical body, they’re what make up our energetic body, their colours and how they shine are what make up our aura. We have hundreds of chakras but we have seven major chakras, each one governs a certain aspect of our life. They all vibrate at a certain frequency and colour.  We develop them at different stages during our life. Below you will find a description of our seven major chakras; Root-Red, Sacral-Orange, Solar Plexus-Yellow, Heart-Green (Pink)Throat-Blue, Third Eye-Indigo and Crown-Purple.

What is a chakra reading?  

Chakra readings are when we intuitively read your seven major energy centres. All we need is your photo and permission. Once we’ve read your chakras, we will give you an overview of our findings. Since each chakra governs a different aspect and area of your body, we will describe your probable symptoms, the areas affected in you body and teach you how to balance them out. Another amazing thing we do is contact your Spirit Guide for guidance in choosing a gemstone pendant that will help balance your energy centres so that your physical body can heal itself.

For more details about your chakra contact an eUniversul specialist by phone or email and you will receive the exact answers