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Parapsychology and Esoteric

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                                                      Parapsychology and Esoteric

Parapsychology is a field of study that investigates paranormal or “psychic” phenomena, including purported mental abilities such as telepathy and telekinesis. Parapsychologists aim to test the existence and explore the nature of experiences and abilities in the paranormal realm.

Sometimes we wonder what lies beyond appearance … beyond matter … beyond the palpable.

The desire to know the unseen mysteries that govern our lives, has made possible the discovery of a gate to a hidden world, the gateway to which thought stops and beyond which meditation begins.

Esotericism can be defined as a sum of the accumulated wisdom regarding all the hypostases of life, which are inside, behind, or beyond the external appearance, form or expression of the many aspects of life.

Esoteric doctrines have long been confused with the occult. If occultism refers to a series of dubious practices in search of “powers”, as they existed in the rituals of ancient magic, esotericism has an authentic spiritual dimension.

Esotericism can also be seen as an art of living from the inner resources of the being, based on intuition, or sensitive perception, open to inspiration.

Esotericism includes a wide range of studied phenomena, but also tools based on the power of thought, through which we can detect the causes of negative states, which affect our existence at a given time.

At the same time, it approaches methods and practices through which we can improve our lives, purifying our souls and bodies: astrology, clairvoyance, parapsychology, Reiki, spiritism, guessing in books, magic, feng-shui techniques, Yoga, numerology, alchemy, etc.

Through esoteric practices we can determine the influence of previous lives on the stage we are in today and at the same time we can purify our souls, through the divinatory act of spiritual “enlightenment”, in our preparation for the afterlife.

In its longing for the Absolute, esotericism needs the double support of both religion and science. From religion comes mysticism, with its practical aspect, but contemplative and more pious, and through science, we define the methods and tools by which we evaluate, quantify, weigh, interpret and explain the many unseen aspects of life.

On the other hand, esotericism is a science of the effort to live in harmony with the realities of life, through procedures and methods of searching for obvious truths, or a science of the soul of things, wisdom reached by “digging” in the spirit world and through the effort of individual thinking.

From guessing in books to interpreting dreams, from astrology to contact with the afterlife, from horoscope to rhune and from clairvoyance to prediction, “dialogue” is a consultation with the celestial Powers by which we ask the opinion of these “invisible counselors”. spiritual entities representative of the Divine Will, in connection with a vital action to be undertaken.

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