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Readings coffee

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Readings coffee

Readings coffee is an old Turkish custom, widespread in most countries at one time under the influence of the Ottoman Empire. Unlike the way we drink coffee today, in speed, packaged, on the street or at the vending machine, ancient civilizations made this a real ritual, similar to the Japanese tea ritual. Coffee is drunk in moments of relaxation, together with loved ones, in peace, and guessing, often practiced with family or friends, comes to complete the special moment.

How to make coffee

First of all, coffee must be made from a kettle. The Turks use “cezve”, a kettle specially designed for this, in which two cups of coffee can be prepared. And for every cup, a suitable teaspoon of ground coffee is enough. If you’re used to drinking coffee with a huge cup (which isn’t exactly good news for your health), you need to know that you need a cup to guess.

How to do it

Coffee is drunk in a moment of relaxation, not on the run, not while doing something else. You need to drink it leisurely, think of positive things, and try to free yourself from oppressive thoughts. It is very important to drink from one side of the cup and make a wish or think about an issue you want to know more about.
After drinking your coffee, place the saucer on top of the cup, turn it a few times counterclockwise so that the dough is spread all over the cup, then turn it upside down.
Your cup should be left untouched for a while, at least until it cools. Tradition also says that you can put a coin on top, in order to eliminate the negative energies and that what the field will show you will be predominantly positive. It also helps cool the cup.

eUniversul specialists can help you read your coffee, where you can learn many, many things about the evolution of your destiny in the future.

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