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Kipper Cards

Kipper Cards

Introducing Kipper Fortune Telling Cards  

What is a Kipper deck?

Kipper is a German fortune telling system dating back to the 19th Century. The deck traditionally has 36 cards, many are people in various roles and relationships. Major life events and common situations are also clearly designated in the cards, for example: Marriage, Work, Journey, Illness, etc.

A single card can be drawn for a reading. Typically, however Kipper cards are read in a line, often with an odd number of cards, such as five or seven. The position and proximity of cards in the line effect the card meanings and the outcome of the reading. The direction of the cards is also important. For example, The Gift card in front of the Main Male might mean he is receiving a gift. The Gift card after the Main Male card means he is giving a gift.                                   Read more >>>