ARIES (Mar. 21st – Apr. 20th) This Month – May 2021

Read your May horoscope to reveal what’s in store for YOU

There are fabulous money-making opportunities for you this month related to communications, sales, or by using your brilliant mind to try something new. Venus enters your 3rd House of Communication on May 8 followed by a Taurus New Moon in your earned income sector on May 11. This is all about cash flow, and you’ve got a bright fresh start here, so make the most of it. In fact, there might even be a sudden opportunity to make money with a relative. With Mars in your domestic sector at a gorgeous angle to Uranus in your financial sector on the same day as the New Moon, this business venture looks promising. Explore it!

When it comes to your love life, you’re more interested in a genuine mental connection this month. If your current love interest isn’t on your intellectual level, then you might start to get bored. If you’re single, you may find yourself romantically intrigued by one of your neighbors. Venus in your 3rd House of Siblings will also bring a chance for sparks to fly with someone who is connected to a brother or sister.

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Aries Love Horoscope 2021

Your love horoscope reveals what’s in store for Aries’ heart this year

You might be more interested in the big plans you have for your future and less interested in romance as committed Saturn and bountiful Jupiter camp out in Aquarius and your 11th House of Friendship and Future Goals. However, if falling in love is on your list of hopes and wishes for 2021, it can happen if you’re ready to shift your approach. Saturn in cool-headed Aquarius will be helping you do this is by pushing you to get crystal clear on your ideal partner and tempering your need to jump into a new romance or budding flirtation.

The game-changing eclipses activating your 3rd House of Communication and 9th House of Beliefs on May 26, June 10, and December 4 will be helping you, too, in terms of shifting your mindset around relationships. They will push you to let go of outdated beliefs about love, especially if you’ve been disappointed in the past or afraid of losing your independence.

If you have been having trouble with getting over an ex or if you’ve found your hope or optimism about your love life to be in short supply, look to lucky Jupiter’s quick tour of inspirational and romantic Pisces — your 12th House of Dreams and Retreat — from May 13-July 28 to help you with healing your heart and renewing your faith. The right person does exist, Aries, you just need to believe they do.

The rest of the year, Jupiter will be in Aquarius, helping to widen your social circle which could also widen your dating pool. Since Aquarius covers the area in your life that deals with friendship, it’s also possible that you and a friend could become something more this year. Though, with Uranus in Taurus changing your core values and planets in Aquarius giving you a taste for something different, you might also find yourself attracted to people that aren’t your usual type. Remain open to the possibilities while also staying true to what you really want.