Paranormal phenomena have existed since the advent of man, accompanied him from immemorial times, through Antiquity and the Middle Ages, to the present super-technologized, and the fact that even today, in the post-industrial and hi-tech era, the number those who believe in inexplicable did not decrease, but become more and more, urge us to treat paranormal as a real phenomenon, at least from a sociological and cultural point of view.

The paranormal term is a vast umbrella for all the variety of unintelligible, unusual, unacceptable and inexplicable phenomena from a scientific point of view.

Opinions of strange events have often changed over time, but the stories about the phenomena themselves have been surprisingly consistent. And the validation and acceptance of the paranormal is still the subject of harsh controversy between its supporters and skeptics. It is well known that many of the phenomena originally listed as paranormal are simple myths and folk legends that have spawned many occult seeds spread in the universal folklore, the same folklore that produced fairies, kites, dragons or flies.

Nothing strange to this point, because paradoxically, irrational in its most frightening forms has a fascinating power impossible to equalize. Even more so than a few hundred years ago, not only the people cataloged with paranormal “powers”, but also those with physical disabilities, banal spots on the body, or simply individuals of another religion, ended up on the bays. Nowadays, the paranormal phenomenon is unfairly pushed into a corner of knowledge by the austere rationalism of the so-called “official” science, confronted with the galloping technology itself. After all, paranormal was extracted and manifested as a form of occultism, a secret science that tries to study and decrypt to initiate the signs that come from a hidden, internal, beyond ephemeral world and corporality. The parable of the occult and its obvious, the paranormal was harshly ostracized and thrown under the curtain of the obscure because for hundreds of years it dared to challenge the worldview imposed by all the forms of dictatorship that this Earth has known, religious to political.

However, for most of the history, people have tried to guess the future, guided their lives by signs, they consulted with obscure forces and found explanations for all the events in their lives, from the most insignificant to the vital ones, rather in a land located beyond, in a world of magic and esotericism, rather than here. A lot of such beliefs, from the zodiac to various traditions and superstitions, survive unaltered even today, and probably will do it forever, as the inexplicable – whether we are talking about divine beliefs and life, or about witchcraft or destiny – is intimate from human nature and it is hard to believe that homo sapiens, at least as we know it, might once live without them. As many researchers and thinkers have shown us (Sigismund Freud, Mircea Eliade, or Umberto Eco), magical events and irrational beliefs manifest themselves as much in modern and post-modern society even among the most skeptical individuals – only those many do it under a masked form against the ancient original, a form consistent with the times we live.

As usual, in this marquee brand we will keep an objective tone, exposing the facts and letting you draw the conclusions. A hundred and a half years ago, one of the most passionate paranormal phenomenon researchers, Charles Hoy Fort, drew not less than 40,000 unexplained events and events in his journals. Numerous skeptics – from dilettantes to respectable scientists – have rushed to take it off and send the so-called evidence. Others, however, objectively analyzed them, and so the science of parapsychology and perinormal was born, a less-known term applied to paranormal phenomena studied and accepted by scientific communities. The most famous example is the electromagnetic fields (EMF) that were denied by science until 1939, when Semyon Kirilian was able to photograph a special frame of the body’s aura. Another branch of the perinormal includes the medical oddities that initially inflamed the world of medicine, and then simple phenomena originating from the labyrinth of genetics. A typical example is the “Pregnant Man” in Nagpur, India. When the team of surgeons surrendered what they considered to be a giant tumor that gave the man the hilarious appearance of a pregnant man, he found instead a human being in the unfortunate abdomen! What was initially thought to be a paranormal case turned out to be the only case recorded by “Fetus in fetus” – The man’s twin brother developed into his abdomen. For 36 years! In the same register, but at the opposite pole we have the metanoia that defines the physical phenomena of mysticism. Inexplicable miracles committed by prophets, sons, saints, and saints of all religions.